Volunteering, Leadership and Team Building
This one hour interactive presentation is suitable for secondary school students who are interested in learning more about the rewards of volunteering, leadership and team building. It is most effective in a classroom setting with 25 – 50 students in attendance. The program encourages positive thinking ‘outside the box.’ Using a variety of techniques and demonstrations Glenda Standeven effectively guides students to explore the ‘by helping each other you help yourself’ philosophy.

POPP (Power of Positive People) in the Workplace
A one hour workshop designed to increase morale in the workplace by fostering and encouraging teamwork. It is interactive with a focus on laughter and positive thinking.

Keynote Presentations
Glenda has several keynotes to suit your needs. Whether you want someone to uplift, inspire or entertain the audience you will get all three when you invite Glenda to speak at your social or business occasion. Contact Glenda now to help ensure the success of your event. 

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