There is no doubt that Covid has changed the world we live in. Many of us are struggling to adapt while others barely notice anything different. My introvert friend said, “I’ve been training for this my whole life!” She is perfectly content to live a quiet life apart from others, shop online, and go for walks alone.

My extrovert friend however is really struggling. She is missing her daily dose of hugs. She loves being single and her profession enabled her to greet people with warm hugs every day. With Covid, her business was closed and she lost that human touch interaction. Covid has been difficult for those of us who are huggers but especially difficult for single people and even more so for singles without pets to cuddle.

Did you know that the SPCA has a program where you can apply to foster a pet? Some people can’t afford the responsibility of feeding and providing health care for a pet but they have lots of love to give. The SPCA often needs people to nurture and love abused or abandoned pets and prepare them for adoption. It’s a win/win situation – you receive the benefit of being loved unconditionally, provide a loving, safe environment for an animal in need and all without emptying your pocketbook.

The downside? You might find it difficult to let them go once you fall in love. I asked my friend who fosters pets how she manages to say goodbye. She said the first few times were tough but then you learn to trust that they are going to forever homes where they will be well cared for and loved and, just like you let your children go when they grow up, you let your foster pet go with love too. She looks forward to loving and fostering each new pet she welcomes into her home.

Only want to foster cats? No problem! Only dogs? No problem! Or maybe you like to travel for six months of the year and owning a pet always seemed unfair to them. Well, fostering might be the answer for you. In the application form they ask what dates you are available to foster and you let them know what you are able to do! The SPCA provides the vet care and the food. You provide the home and the love!

I sincerely hope that loneliness is not an issue for you during this Covid crisis but if it is, then maybe you would like to consider fostering a pet in need. As for me, I think I’m going to go get a BIG hug from my husband and count my many blessings!

Covid Solution for Loneliness